I created the first RS2 Home Page in 1998.  My feelings about Rim haven’t changed.  My respect for him has only grown over the years.  He embodies the qualities in a man that I most admire: integrity, decency, warmth, intelligence, and competence.  Add humility and a sense of humor to this and you’ll get the picture.  I don’t think that I’ve met anyone who didn’t take a liking to Rim.

You may wonder why I’m doing all this work on account of a friend or a fly.  Though I’m sure there are many reasons for my motivation, here are the ones that pop into mind: Rim trained me as a nymph fisherman and thereby gave me something that brings me tremendous joy; he has been a true friend who has given me honest answers and insights that nobody would or could.

I work for a large computer company doing technical support.  My hobbies are fly fishing and computers.

Since many of the people pictures on this site are of Rim and a couple of other people, you may get the idea that he has a small circle of friends.  This is far from the truth.  Rim fishes with many other people as well, but I don’t (yet) have pictures of them.  He does have a smaller group of friends that he frequently fishes with.  Several of them are retired—just like he is...

Rim’s friends come from a variety of backgrounds.  Here are some that I know of: a plumber, a farmer, a cop, several lawyers, a former teacher, a few engineers, ministers, military people, etc.  From my observations, he treats them equally—though he gives the lawyers a hard time occasionally.

Besides being a superb fly tier and fly fisherman, Rim excels in other things.  Two examples that come to mind are trap shooting and the game of Go.  In fact, he won a Go tournament in Denver in 2004.  Not bad for a 75+ year old guy who used to be a small merchant in an oriental shop in the Cinderella City Mall.

I think Rim is just one of those people that has the intellectual capacity to be great at just about anything he develops an interest in.  He’s forever curious and he always questions conventional wisdom.

I could go on here, but I’ll let the content of this web site speak for him.

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