RS2 Flies (Click to enlarge an image.)


The flies on this page were tied by Rim.  He ties them in different colors and different sizes.  The correct fly depends on the stream and conditions.  For example, we often use size 22’s and 24’s on the San Juan River in New Mexico.  The largest RS2 I remember using was a size 16.  In the winter we often used 20 or 22 black RS2’s on the South Platte River near Deckers.  Unfortunately, the South Platte has not been good to us since the Hayman Fire in 2002.

I got my macro lens in for my digital camera and shot some new photos in natural Sun light.  I hope there’s enough detail in these pictures to give you a good idea of what a real RS2 looks like.  Compare these to the ones you order online or purchase at a store.  It takes time to tie each RS2.  Commercial operations simply can’t  make properly tied RS2’s profitably. 


Last Updated: Monday, January 23, 2012

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