“I had the pleasure of watching Rim fishing on the Blue River 5 days ago (Weds) and then talking to him about some of his techniques.  I was most impressed with his tungsten weight system that he was using for nymphing in a very deep pool.  He mentioned that he mixes a tungsten soft putty with another product to create a combination that is softer and easier to mould on to the leader.  I would like to learn the name of the specific tungsten product and the name of the second product that he combines with the tungsten.” (sent in the Fall of 2006)

I have some good news for you and some bad news for you:

- The tungsten product Rim's using can be purchased from Cabela's for about $5 a pack.  Here's the name of that item: Soft Tungsten Tacky Weight

- The other material he was using was Shape-A-Wate, which is nearly impossible to get because its sole maker died and did not leave the formula behind.  Shape-A-Wate is basically lead putty.

Mixing the two putties increased (doubled) the amount of usable putty Rim had.   The tungsten putty by itself is a bit too soft--and it may also be a bit too sticky.

I've used Loon's putty, which is horrible (stains on my rod and car interior are proof of that).

You may find a good formula by searching the Internet.  Recently, I found something in a sports store in Livingston, MT.  It was Orvis' Sink Putty, which appears to have similar properties to Shape-A-Wate. I mixed this with tungsten and the result seemed OK.  I don't think that Orvis sells Sink Putty any longer.  But I was lucky enough to find it in a store in Livingston. (I bought their entire supply of it.)



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