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For 12 years, the old RS2 Home Page titled Nymphing with the RS2 Fly, remained largely unchanged.  Many of you have asked me to make corrections, updates, and additions.  So after years of only minor changes, the RS2 Home Page has received a facelift. There is more content: text, pictures, and a blog.  There are also some links at the bottom of this page. The last three point to YouTube videos of Rim tying his flies. The theme for this site remains the same: Rim Chung, his famous fly, and his techniques for nymph fishing.  New content will mostly come from Rim Chung.  I enlisted his help in making this a more helpful site.  All the flies seen on this site were tied by Rim Chung. You can easily see the difference between his flies and the ones sold in stores or can be seen around the web.

Much of the new content is posted in the BLOG section.  Just click on the link at the top of this page.  Be sure to check out the blog archives.  Most of the information there is still relevant.

The RS2 Home Page, despite the .com in the web site’s name, remains not-for-profit.  When we name products and merchants we’re not intentionally promoting any gear or any store.  I do not receive and will not accept any money from any source to mention them on this site.  I will not put anyone’s ads up on this site. 

If you wish to learn how Rim ties his flies, you can search YouTube for Rim Chung Ties the RS2 or Rim Chung Ties the Avatar Fly ( or see the links below ). The latter fly is similar to the RS2, but has no tail and is tied on a curved hook. Rim provided commentary while tying these flies. The videos on YouTube are available in high definition ( 720p ).

You may copy content from this site unless it’s noted otherwise.   However, borrowed content must reference this site as the source.

Questions and comments about the RS2 Home Page can be sent to ferencho@me.com.  I’ll reply as time allows.

Work in Progress:


Some Background Information on Rim and Yours Truly

Original RS2 tying photos.  Click them to see the big picture

Weight system mixing different putties


Tying the plebby

Video of Rim tying the RS2 - ( short version )

Video of Rim tying the RS2 - ( long version )

Video of Rim tying his Avatar Fly

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